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How to set up instant booking?
How to set up instant booking?
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Do you want to receive more travelers? To meet more people? Or simply to make your life easier? Opt for the Instant Booking mode.

Instant booking allows travelers to book immediately at your private campsite, without having to wait for your manual approval. Bookings are only accepted if your calendar is available. It is therefore essential to keep it up to date because if it is open, bookings will be accepted. But don't worry, you can change it at any time.

For the moment, only the HomeCamper team can activate this feature. To do so, contact us by email or by phone +33 1 76 40 24 95. It is free and without obligation.

The advantages of this mode :

  • A 0€ commission: When you subscribe to the instant booking, the service fees do not apply to you. You will receive all of your payments.

  • Increased revenue: Triple your bookings today. Indeed, there is a very high demand from travelers because instant booking allows them to better organize their trip.

  • Increased visibility: A category is dedicated to listings that have activated instant booking on the platform, so you will be better ranked in search results on HomeCamper.

  • A free number of spots: You are free to choose the number of instant requests you want to receive at the same time. It can be modified at any time by contacting us. In general, 1 booking corresponds to 1 pitch.

  • Peace of mind: It is a real time saver for you. You reduce administrative tasks, such as answering messages. You will never miss another reservation by reacting "too late"! It is also a real plus for those who have difficulties with computers, especially with Google and co.

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