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Which laws apply to private camping?
Which laws apply to private camping?
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Generally speaking, according to the urban planning scheme, you can accommodate up to 20 people and/or 6 vehicles for a period of 3 continuous or discontinuous months. If you have a small garden, obviously you need to reduce the number of guests accordingly so that they do not feel cramped.

If your town/village applies a tourist tax, it must be included in the price charged to the guests. To find out if you are eligible to tourist taxes, you should go to the website (for France) or equivalent in your country.

HomeCamper always has to remain a friendly and good-spirited experience, so I want to welcome guests in the most pleasant conditions possible.

Camping outside the traditional grounds developed for this purpose may be prohibited in certain areas by the local urban plan. It is therefore necessary to get in touch with the town hall.

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