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How do I report a claim ?
How do I report a claim ?
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In case of incident, it is your responsibility to report it to HomeCamper's Assistance by filling up this online form.
Beware! Your declaration should be filled and sent within the following deadlines: 

  • Within 2 business days for theft. 

  • Within 10 days after the publication of a ministerial decree establishing the state of natural disaster if the damages are related to the event.

  • Within 5 days for any other cases. 

Please include: 

  • Your contact details, the nature of the loss (theft, water damages, fire...) and its conditions (date, place…). 

  • A descriptive state and estimation, certified sincere and signed, of the insured objects that have been damaged, stolen or destroyed. 

  • Invoices, receipts, guarantee vouchers, photos or any other type of relevant evidence. 

  • A copy of complaint made at the police office , in case of theft. 

For all information concerning the amounts of the guarantees and the exclusions, you can consult the information notice.

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