I've hosted guests and I still haven't been paid, how come?

There are three reasons why I have not been paid yet:

1 - I did not add a payment method on the platform.

2 - I have changed my bank details

3 - I did not send a copy of my ID card to the email address contact@homecamper.com to verify my identity. It is provided from 1€ received.

1 - To add a payment method on the platform: 

I log in, I click on the profile picture on the top right and then on "Your listings".

I go to "Payment Method" and click on "Add".

I fill in the required fields.

I click on "Save" and that's it ;-) !

2 - I changed my bank account number:

I contact HomeCamper to let them know. They will delete the old RIB and I will then be able to fill in a new one (as indicated above).

3 - To unblock the pending transfer(s) or prevent their future blocking:

I send one of the two following documents to contact@homecamper.com :

  • A photocopy (scan) of my valid double-sided identity document

  • A photocopy (scan) of my valid passport

If I don't have a scanner, I can take a good quality photo of one of my IDs with my smartphone.

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