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How do I make an attractive ad?
How do I make an attractive ad?
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The solution? Fine-tune my ad!

  • I make complete sentences and make no spelling mistakes

  • I detail as much as possible: I am not limited in words so let's take advantage of it!

To add details, I fill in the following headings:

  • A brief summary, highlighting the strong points of my field.

  • The setting: Is it big? Is it noisy? How is the view? What is the atmosphere ? Are there animals on site?

  • The pitches: In the sun? In the shade? Isolated? Sheltered from the wind? Stabilized ground ?

  • Sanitary facilities: Are there any timetables? Is it inside or outside the house?

  • The equipment: I describe precisely what I make available. I am precise. This will prevent travelers from asking me the same questions over and over again. Are there times for the sanitary facilities? In which part of the site is wifi accessible?

  • Activities: I specify the different points of interest (beaches, hiking trails, visits, kayak rentals, etc.) in the vicinity and the distance from my site. If I offer activities on the spot, I do not hesitate to add them here.

  • Rules of the field: Is there an arrival or departure time? Is it possible to smoke on site? Is it possible to make a fire?

  • I avoid capital letters that are aggressive to the eye.

I take beautiful pictures of my land, the surrounding landscapes and what I offer to guests. The more photos I give, the more I'm visible on HomeCamper so I don't hesitate ;-).  

For that, you have to :

  • Have a good camera or a recent smartphone. If I don't have any of that, I ask a friend.

  • Pass the lawnmower and I tidy up the things that are lying around before taking my pictures, cleanliness above all !

  • A nice light : I take advantage of a beautiful sunny day to take my pictures. 

  • A good format : I take photos in "Landscape" format rather than "Profile".

  • A nice framing : I take a general picture of the site, I take pictures of each part of my site, I take pictures of the pitches, in the case of an accommodation, I take pictures of the tent / shed / yurt (inside and outside). I take pictures of the places accessible to the travelers (toilets, various rooms, kitchen...) If I offer breakfast, I can also add a picture of what I can make. At last, I add some pictures of the view from the site or the surroundings and specify what it is about.

Avoid: I avoid photos that are too dark, too zoomed or too blurry. I also avoid photo montages and photos taken out of season:

I don't put: address, email, phone, place name, map, website address or any information that could identify you. 

I choose with attention the featured picture (which will appear in the search page): For empty pitches, it is preferable to put a general photo of the land. For accommodations, it is necessary to put a photo of the accommodation first.

I respect the rules of HomeCamper : 

Do not:

  • Put my coordinates: email, address, website, GPS coordinates, name allowing people to identify me (XXXX Garden, XXXX Guest House, XXXX Vineyard...) My coordinates will be transmitted to the travelers when the reservation is paid and confirmed.

  • Put a price: Generally speaking, I don't need to put prices in my text. The prices given in the "Prices" tab must include all the services provided (shower, electricity, swimming pool...) If I offer breakfast, a specific box exists in the "Prices" tab. Only prices for washing machines and meals are tolerated in the ad.

  • Suggest another mean of payment.

  • Advertise an ad that is not part of the campsite (gite, bed and breakfast). Otherwise, I am considered to be a fraudster and may be excluded from the HomeCamper community.

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