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How do I register my bank details to get paid?
How do I register my bank details to get paid?
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The addition of my payment method is mandatory on HomeCamper and will allow me to be paid after online booking by guests. HomeCamper will never ask me to make money transfers. Your bank details will not be transmitted unencrypted on the Internet since all pages that manage your bank details on the site are secure (HTTPS/ SSL). Furthermore, your details are stored in an encrypted form, which prevents any retrieval.

To add my payment method:

 I log in, I click on the profile picture on the top right and then on "Your listings".

I go to "Payout Method" and click on "Add":

This window will appear:

I need to fill in the following fields:

  • Country of bank domiciliation

  • Account holder

  • Domiciliation (Name of the agency)

  • IBAN (letters included and without spaces)

  • BIC (or SWIFT)

It must be filled in without spaces or special characters.

I then click on "Save" and that's it ;-) !

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