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Why and how do I fill in my phone number?
Why and how do I fill in my phone number?
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By providing and verifying my phone number I give a guarantee of reliability and a pledge of trust to the community.

It also makes it easier to communicate with the HomeCamper team. 

My number will also never be used for commercial purposes! 

If I don't provide a phone number, I won't be able to benefit from : 

  • SMS alerts provided by the site during exchanges with the hosts.

  • Certification of my phone number to reassure other members on my identity.

On my dashboard, I click on the green "Add" button: 

I am redirected to this page where I put my phone number, then I click on "Add and Verify by SMS". I keep my phone next to me until I receive the SMS code. This should take some seconds or at worst a couple minutes.

I then enter the SMS code I just received on my phone and click on "Verify". 

That's it, it's done! ;-) 

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