After some research, I like a garden, I want to reserve it!

I log in or I sign in if it's the first time.

I click on the field I like:

On the right side of the page that will appear, there will be a booking section, I fill it out (I don't forget to tick breakfast if it is possible for this guest and if I wish) then I click on "Request to book":

If I can't select certain dates (which are grayed out), it means that the host availability dates don't match with when I would like to come. 

A window will open with a reminder of my request, a space for payment and a box to start talking with the host. I introduce myself to the host with a short, friendly message to present my request. Then I click on "Request to book".

It is done, I just have to wait for the host to answer me, he has 5 days for that and I'm notified by e-mail :-)

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