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How do I rate a host?
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To leave a comment,

  • I log into my account

  • My dashboard shows me the number of comments I have to leave, I click on the link to leave some

  • A window will then open, I can talk about my experience with a HomeCamper host and then click on "Submit" to have it published.

There are 7 rating categories on HomeCamper :

  • Overall experience: In general, what did I think of the HomeCamper experience?

  • Quality/price: what did I think of the price/quality ratio?

  • Communication: in terms of communication, did everything go well from start to finish?

  • Reception: was I greeted in a good mood and conviviality?

  • Land & setting: what did I think of the land and its surroundings?

  • Location: was the site well located according to my expectations?

  • Cleanliness & maintenance : was the ground or the accommodation clean and maintained to welcome me ?

For these 7 categories I can give marks:

  • Perfect : the host was friendly, pleasant and kind.

  • Very good: the host was very friendly and punctual.

  • Good: the host was punctual.

  • Disappointing: the experience was not so positive.

  • Avoid: the host was unpleasant, did not welcome me well.

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