How can I contact the hosts?
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When I wish to have more information on a field, several options are available to me:

  • I can ask a question

The website allows me to ask a specific question on the garden. I can also make a booking simulation with this tool.

Please note that asking a question is different from a booking request. I have to remember to book afterwards if the hosts agrees to welcome me.

  • I can make a reservation request 

If my host has verified his phone number on HomeCamper (information that I can find on his profile) and I contact him for the first time, he will be notified of my reservation request by text.

  • Conversation already started

If I have already exchanged with a host, I can reply directly to him/her by going to my "inbox" which offers the opportunity to see all my messages in the messaging system.

(Please note that if I have made a booking request to a host and I have a question, I have to use the messaging system. If I go back to the host's profile, my reservation request will then no longer be visible).

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